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[인터뷰] 루시디티 이안나 비즈니스 개발 매니저 "루시디티, 데이터 투명성을 위한 블록체인 광고 프로토콜로서 자리매김 할 것" - [인터뷰] 루시디티 이안나 비즈니스 개발 매니저 "한국은 유행의 퍼짐이 빠…
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Simply put, Lucidity is a solution of blockchain which could solve the absence of advertising process transparency between advertisers and advertising media.

Even if the marketing data of advertisers and advertisers are different, or if an ad company manipulates the data through its review, the advertisers cannot figure it out. Because when ads are run in each black box, the marketing data generated is owned and operated by each centralized system.

Lucidity tries to solve these kinds of problems by introducing blockchain technology.

They've already applied for about five patents, and by introducing a blockchain into a previously opaque market, They can create a structure that benefits businesses that are honest and transparent.

This is an whole interview stories with Iana Zhvirbo who is a charge of Business development manager.

Iana has over 5 years of digital marketing experience in IT and Electronics and has worked at several leading corporations including Google and Samsung Electronics, as well as at digital advertising agency and family publishing house.

Q1. Tell me about Lucidity platform.

How they work in this ecosystem

Lucidity has built a Plasma-based Layer 2 solution to manage its blockchain infrastructure -

solving issues such as scalability, privacy & high overhead costs of decentralization.

And our first implementation of this technology is in digital advertising space. 

Because many people in our team came from this industry and because this industry really has many problems such as fraud, data discrepancy and lack of financial transparency.

Q2. Is Lucidity has a real product at this moment?

Our Marketing Analytics product is already live and tested in real businesses.

Actually, Toyota and its agency Saatchi & Saatchi just ran the first-ever blockchain automotive ad campaign with Lucidity.

In the study, by layering Ludidity’s optimizations on top of leading fraud and viewability solutions that Toyota already had in place, there was still a 21% lift in ad performance, meaning that Lucidity’s technology eliminated discrepant impressions and clicks.

Also notable was that Lucidity’s technology was able to deliver this added value in a speed that was required.

You know, in programmatic advertising, millions of events happen per second.

Q3. Tell me about partners that Lucidity have

We have over 10 pilot partners, including Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi that I mentioned, as

well as GameStop, SourceNext, AppNexus and others.

Together with our test partners we plan to become the blockchain-based advertising standard. The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau, who develops the advertising standard) also supports us as well as our tech team i n one of our official Plasma test projects.

Q4. What they need to be advanced

We are working now at our next product: Blockchain Application Development Platform –

providing Plasma-based Platform as a Service (Paas) sidechains for dApp developers.

And we are looking for participants and partners to join our network in Korea, this includes: brands, media reps and programmers. Also we are growing our community.

So please subscribe to our channels - lucidity in kakao and telegram.

Q5. Previous job (relation with Lucidity in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrencies)

Before Lucidity I had a chance to work as a marketing manager for big IT corporations such as Samsung, Google, ZTE. I am familiar with the advertising business, marketing tools and have many connections in this field.

So if we take a look at my job history it was always in technology, marketing and mostly connected with Asian countries.

Also I started to learn korean by listening to individual lessons and I also studied at Sogang university Korean Language school.

Q6. Most required thing or value regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies if they go


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not necessary to be on the same road.

It is ok to be separated. Its been proven to be no problem to be separated

How do you think

I am happy that many people understood that blockchain and cryptocurrency are not the same things.

The blockchain technology as a kind of operating software, which would make a

cryptocurrency serve lets say as one of the many applications that can run on that network.

Blockchain technology can be actively used not only in finance field.

But, cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are able to add the add value in fast, cheap payment or a reward for verifiers and participants, for example.

So i would say like crypto cannot live without blockchain technology, but the blockchain technology technically can be used without currency.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency can go together hand in hand for a long time but for this we need a smart crypto economical model.

I feel that in the space it is still not enough specialist like this, who can built an efficient, well-working economic model.

Q7. How do you think about Korean market

I agree with many people that South Korea, armed with high-tech infrastructure and a

digital-savvy people familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, is cut out to become the

world’s first country to demonstrate a real decentralized economy at work.

Recently, a lot of conferences have been hosted in korea with governments’ participants.

Also a lot of students even schools visit blockchain meetups and conference.

New trends spread quickly here.

Local investors, who have already experienced major ups and downs in crypto prices, are able to make more mature decisions.

So i think very optimistic about Korea and proud of my project being here and doing well nowadays.

Q8. Blockchain's promising points

It is booming smartly from both an industry and user perspective so long as regulation remains permissive.

To make blockchain more widely adopted but niche, it should be permissive,

user-friendly to satisfy real human or business needs, based on well-developed economic


And one more important point - that main idea ‘to be decentralized’ should not be forgotten. It is the meaning and spirit of blockchain.

Q9. Regarding ICO, any measure to be improved from now.

Our company is not doing an ICO. We raised a traditional seed round and are doing private


Thank you,

루시디티 비즈니스 개발자 이안나의 인터뷰 한국어판은 2편에서 계속됩니다.


다른 곳에 퍼가실 때는 아래 고유 링크 주소를 출처로 사용해주세요.

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  13. 약 72%의 암호화폐 투자자,“2019년 4월 암호화폐 시장에 작은 변화 시작될 것 약 72%의 암호화폐 투자자,“2019년 4월 암호화폐 시장에 작은 변화 시작될 것OKBlockchain Capital의 설문조사에 따르면,72.07%의 투자자는 4월 암호화폐시장에 작은 변화가 시작될 것이라고 응답했다.또한 19.95%의 투자자는 1년 이내에 큰 상승장 혹은 큰 하락장이 올 수 있다고 답했으며,7.98%에 해당하는 투자자는 시장이 어떤 변화를 나타낼지는 판..
  14. 알고랜드의 징 첸 박사 메인넷 앞두고 한국 방한, 두번 째 밋업 개최 알고랜드의 징 첸 박사 메인넷 앞두고 한국 방한, 두번 째 밋업 개최 - 4월 22일 강남 현대카드 스튜디오 블랙에서 두 번째 한국 밋업 개최 - 알고랜드 리서치 수석 징 첸 박사가 핵심 기술과 로드맵, 커뮤니티 구축에 대해 발표튜링상 수상자이자 영지식 증명의 권위자인 실비오 미칼리 미국 메사추세츠 공대(MIT) 컴퓨터공학 교수가 만든 블록.
  15. 코인플러그, 블록체인 융합기술개발 신규과제 수행사업자로 채택돼...부정거래·수급 특화 블록체인 응용 플랫폼… 코인플러그, 블록체인 융합기술개발 신규과제 수행사업자로 채택돼...부정거래·수급 특화 블록체인 응용 플랫폼 개발 착수보이스피싱 차단 가능해질 듯핀테크 기업 코인플러그(대표 어준선)가 부정거래 및 사기행위 이력 관리에 나선다. 사법·금융당국 등은 자체 보유 데이터를 공개하지 않고도 '블랙리스트' 정보를 공유할 수 있...
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