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  1. Ravencoin — NFTs — Unique Assets vs. ERC-721 Ravencoin — NFTs — Unique Assets vs. ERC-721Cost to TransferThe cost to transfer Ravencoin assets is much cheaper than ERC-721. The cost varies by load on the Ethereum network, and the network is currently at a pretty high load because of the popularity of DeFi lending, trading, etc. The cost of transfer could vary dramatically depending on the at-the-time load on the Ethereum network. If your token needs this DeFi network for its value, then...
  2. EU & ASIA Ravencoin meetup (Virtual / English) EU & ASIA Ravencoin meetup (Virtual / English)세부 사항This is a virtual place meetup in Braveland(It will launch soon.)1) Date & Time- We may hold the meetup on 19th March 2021. But, we don’t fix the date and time yet. We will announce the exact date and time soon.2) Place- in Braveland(”second life” style virtual place)- Thanks to Braveland, We will hold the meetup in a virtual place.- You can join meetups to use your avatars. You can...
  3. Ravencoin — Happy 3rd Birthday Ravencoin — Happy 3rd BirthdayYou’re now a toddler. You’ve just been through your terrible-twos, and what a year it was!You share your birthday with your progenitor — Bitcoin. This is not by accident. You are a direct descendant. But you are taking a different path in a different environment. Sure you can hold value, transfer value, and provide a safe harbor from the ravages of the money printing insanity like your ancestor. But you have ...
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